Pension redress reports




Comprehensive Pension Reports

Redress Reports

We can use our modelling systems, expertise, and knowledge to compile Pension Redress Reports. The redress reports are instrumental in calculating the compensation payable when a pension transfer complaint has been upheld.

For Financial Advisors, having an independent report is essential in ensuring that any redress that might be due is calculated correctly.

Redress is calculated by comparing the value of the transferred funds with the cost of purchasing replacement benefits, with the difference being the basis for the monetary compensation payment.

Transfer Reports

We also compile Pension Transfer Reports that compare the benefits that were expected to be available from the transferred funds, had they been invested in line with the recommended portfolio, against the benefits that would have been payable by the scheme had the transfer not taken place.

The comparison is undertaken assuming that withdrawals are made from the invested funds equal to those which would have been paid out by the DB scheme had the transfer not taken place.

Using a stochastic projection model for the invested funds, we are able to calculate a probability of the funds being able to support the withdrawals to a pre-determined age, the age being based on the life expectancy for the member at the date of the advice.

Pension Triage