TVA Reports & Modeller

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TVA Reports & Modeller

The interactive drawdown modeller program we use forms an integral part of our TVA report as it allows advisers to show their clients:

  • an unlimited number of drawdown scenarios to compare with their scheme benefits and how different scenarios will affect the amount of cumulative income and death benefits they will ultimately receive.
  • how different Providers, investment products and charging structures affect the results in both nominal and real terms.

You can generate as many reports as you like for your client, examining different Providers, products, charging structures and drawdown patterns.

Why Choose Us

With our focus on service, quality and accuracy our fully compliant TVA Report comes with Professional Indemnity Insurance cover – so you can be 100% confident that the calculations we provide possess no future potential redress risk to you.

Lifetime Allowance

Our TVA report can accommodate different Lifetime Allowance protections as well as other existing DB and DC pension fund amounts.


To request a sample report please email



There is a monthly fee of £25 + VAT which covers the software licence cost for ongoing access to the TVA modeller.  There is a minimum term of 6 months for the licence fees.


There is an initial set up fee of £50 + VAT.


Once you have access to the modeller the fees below are then payable on a case by case basis:


CETV < £300K :                £350 + VAT

CETV  £300-£500K :     £425 + VAT

CETV > £500K :                £500 + VAT



Alternatively, for a standalone TVA report without access to the modeller, the fee would be as follows:


CETV < £300K :                £450 + VAT

CETV  £300-£500K :     £525 + VAT

CETV > £500K :                £600 + VAT

Optional Extra Services:


Planned Retirement Age/Date Comparison:                £50 + VAT


Updated CETV re-runs:                                                              £100 + VAT


Fast Track Service:                                                                         £150 + VAT


CETV Requests:                                                                              £50 + VAT



Fast Track Service is a 5 working day turnaround if the deferred benefit statement and CETV are provided.

The CETV Request fee is applicable to TVA Report only clients.

Planned Retirement Age/Date Comparison is £150 + VAT if ordered at a later date.

Turnaround Times


We aim to return cases within 10 working days from receipt of all information required.


The majority of cases are returned within 10 working days after the report order request, however, this is dependent on the scheme if we require additional information to complete our report.

Payment Terms


An invoice for the TVA Report fee will issued to you after the report has been completed.


Payment Terms are 30 days from date of Invoice.

How To Order A Report


Please see the Contact Us page to order a report.